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Welcome to Our Learning Center

Understand the information available at each of the six landing icons and the additional options in the left menu

  • Main Icons

  • Left Menu

Understanding the Landing Page

Learning Objectives
  • Our Priorities: Measures that your organization has set as the top priorities for all employees to focus on

  • My Data: Measures that you own as a Measure Owner or Data Steward

  • My Map: Outcome and Process Measures that appear on your home map

  • My Groups: Measures related to Strategic Initiatives, your specific division and other criteria you set

  • Tools: Tools, Templates and Agendas related to your system

  • Projects: Projects related to your strategic objectives, process improvement or other key work in your organization

Additional Pathways:
The left hand menu has additional options. Through All Maps you can explore other scorecards/groups of measures within your organization. The Presentation menu item, allows you to build a presentation using the measures in your Results database. The At a Glance pathway allows you to drill down into different parts of your organization or search the whole database. The Dashboard menu item gives you a pathway to publish custom dashboards and visualizations on your measures which is critical for your leadership team. Finally, Favorites are your tools that you tagged as important for your work and processes.

In addition, there is a Message Board icon in the upper right that can be toggled on and off.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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