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  • Move a measure to a different location

Moving Measures

Learning Objectives

On occasion an organization decides to refresh their scorecard measures and sometimes this results in measures being reorganized. Results allows you to move measures to reflect the structure and your organizational needs.

Moving measures is an administrator and power user function. Power users are restricted to moving measures within their assigned map. Administrators can move measures within one map or across map locations.

To move a measure, locate the measure under Manage Map. In the measure listing, you will see the options Edit, Move, Delete. Select Move. A select destination dialogue box will open. Open the map listing and expand the listing until you find the desired location. Select here. The new location will be saved, and a confirmation notice will appear indicating the action is completed.

Aggregate measures are excluded from the move functionality and the move button will be grayed out to reflect this exception.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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