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Be able to update a measure with data and adjust the setup of the measure.

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Measure Owner and Data Steward Tasks

Learning Objectives

Data stewards and measure owners have the responsibility of keeping their assigned measures current with the data. To do so, simply go to the My Data page, open the measure needing an update. You will have three fields to update; Date Recorded, Value, and Comments. Input the needed information and click add. Once you have inputted the first data value, the system automatically calculates the next due date. You are allowed to override the system calculated due date by simply clicking in the field and typing in the date that is preferred.

Measure owners also have the responsibility to manage the set-up of their measure in Results. To do so, go to My Data, select the measure needing updates and then select Edit Measure. Note a data steward does not have access to the Edit Measure option. Once in the edit measure screen, scroll down to the field needing an update. Update the field and be sure to save your changes. If you are updating the target or threshold fields, we recommend you keep the original target and add a new one with an effective date to show the maturing of the measure. In addition to changing the threshold points, you can also set the beginning and ending date of the chart via the threshold field. The default values for the chart are 0 to 100. This data range may not be the best way to present your measure. You can set the data range for your chart to your liking by clicking in the boxes below the threshold line and changing the values.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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