Results Management System

Proven EPM methodology for driving performance in government agencies

The Results Management System is Mass Ingenuity’s proprietary performance management methodology and is utilized at over 85 state agencies. At its core, the Results Management System is a framework that enables organizations to become data-informed and data-driven. Agencies that adopt the system achieve higher performance by using data to plan, act, track, and adjust in a virtuous cycle.

Customers who adopt the methodology describe it as “transformational,” since data infuses the culture of the agency and enables rapid process improvements and problem-solving. The result is improved employee engagement and agency performance.

Fundamentals Map and Performance Measures Overview

The Fundamentals Map is a single-page image and description of your agency’s mission, objectives, strategies, and processes, complete with process and outcome measures (KPIs or OKRs) and owners. Agency leadership describes it as the single most useful artifact that helps them wrap their arms around the agency’s entire business. Employees describe it as the tool that helps them understand how their daily work impacts the agency’s overall mission and objectives. Ultimately, it serves to align the entire agency by tying its objectives directly to the daily operations.

Process Improvement

The Results Management System is built upon a Lean framework, whereby agency employees follow a cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act for continuous process improvement. By measuring all operating and supporting processes and comparing actuals versus desired KPIs, agencies who follow the Results Management System are able to continuously improve their processes in order to become more efficient while delivering improved customer satisfaction.

Change Management

Mass Ingenuity recognizes that performance happens at the confluence of people, process, and technology. For organizations who are new to EPM, it’s important to understand that the “people” side of the equation is most important; followed by process; followed by technology. That’s why the methodology includes change management which ensures desired levels of adoption, utilization and proficiency.  The more employees understand how EPM increases their control over their daily work, allowing them to leverage their talents and experience, the more they embrace the change. 

Strategy & Planning

Every agency develops and executes on a plan – a set of key strategic initiatives that need to be accomplished in order to reach their goals. This planning process, and the projects that emerge from it, need to be measured and managed on a regular basis. The Results Management System provides a set of tools that help teams through the planning process, resulting in strategic initiatives with owners and KPIs, all of which is monitored and managed through Results Software.

Business Reviews

The methodology provides a template for holding monthly and quarterly business reviews. The approach provides a safe forum to review progress on outcome and process measures, problem solving efforts and breakthrough initiatives. These reviews close the loop between planning, accountability and performance. 

Problem Solving

The Results methodology includes the 7-Step Problem-Solving toolset. This is a proven methodology for identifying, analyzing, and solving key performance issues based on data and root cause analysis. Once teams are aligned around a key problem to be solved, they can effectively collaborate to determine an action plan for overcoming it. This action plan, and the data related to achieving it, is then monitored in Results Software to insure rapid resolution.

Enterprise Risk Management

Significantly minimize exposure to the risks that can bring serious trouble to the state and its agencies. The Results Management System surfaces constraints to the organization’s goals (performance risks) and provides a framework for understanding, measuring, and mitigating risks to the agency and its assets.

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