Our Customer’s Mission Is Our Mission

We are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in data-driven enterprise performance management. We have developed a SaaS platform and management methodology that is proven to transform government performance. We help you clarify your goals for strategic and operational excellence, set clear OKRs and KPIs, and manage for success. We are Mass Ingenuity, and we share your passion for great government.

Mass Ingenuity, based in the Pacific Northwest, has been helping government agencies capture and implement strategic plans and manage organizational change for over 14 years. Our SaaS platform, Results Software, is the leading government performance management solution serving agencies across the U.S.

Founded by Aaron Howard and Kelly Ferguson, Mass Ingenuity’s vision is to transform government performance. The team at Mass Ingenuity is made up of industry veterans that have not only helped clients achieve exceptional results, but have also produced success at every step of their careers. As entrepreneurs, CEOs and Department Heads, the MI team is experienced in planning, executing and delivering at a consistently high level.

When you work with Mass Ingenuity and deploy Results Software you get the collective strategy, implementation and tracking practices from a professional team that cares about your outcomes and will support your vision with their best practices. Ask for a few references or contact one of your peers at one of our satisfied clients.


Meet The Team


Kent Ragen,
Chief Executive Officer


Mass Ingenuity is focused on enterprise performance management,
from strategy to execution.

Our Results Management System and Software is a SaaS-based solution that drives results through the lens of enterprise performance data, visual analytics, and actionable insights. Our products and services transform how people use data to achieve results and make critical business decisions. We make managing enterprise performance easy, fast, accessible, and valuable.

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