Define Success

Align at the Top, Then Align the Departments

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define success

Connect Every Employee

Cascade Measures to Every Level

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connect every employee

Drive Improvement

Engage Employees in Process Improvement

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drive improvement

Keeping score is critical, but engaging every employee in improving results is transformational.

Results Capabilities

Performance data where it belongs — in the hands of the people who can improve the processes.

One-Stop Performance Management

Manage Risk Daily

Single Source of Measures

Real-Time Accountability

See Your Performance

Accelerate Process Improvement

Improvement Efforts are Transparent

Drive Projects Forward

What Customers Are Saying

“The Results Management System provided the vehicle to change the culture and the employees stepped up.  The transformation was dramatic.”
“Results Software is an excellent technology match for our management system and its performance management initiatives.”
“This is the most common sense approach I have ever seen to management.”
“Results Software has provided the us with very high visibility into performance results and has made the ease of inputting the data directly much more effective and efficient than our previous methodologies.”

ResultsMass Ingenuity is a national leader in results-driven government. Our SaaS-based Results Management System is a comprehensive, results-driven, and integrated performance management solution, which is proven to transform organizational culture and outcomes.

The Results Management System® is rooted in these world-class disciplines:
• Lean philosophy and tools
• Leadership and management best practices
• Organization development
• Employee engagement
• Change management
• Performance management measures
• Fully integrated SaaS solution operating on Microsoft® Azure® cloud computing platform
The deployment of our Results Management System creates a systematic focus on customers, engages employees in continuous process improvement, and leverages outcome and process measures, the “currency of an effective management system.”

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Mass Ingenuity’s Experience
Through our experience with over 60 organizations and 125,000 employees in multiple states, we know this journey to be challenging and rewarding. Our competitive advantage is that we have successfully transformed state government and have travelled these journeys with our customers. We have navigated both the successes and the setbacks. We have first-hand experience in creating successful outcomes, solid results, and sustainable changes. The road to “government that works” is not a straight line and we know how to navigate the bumps, detours, and switchbacks that represent the practical reality of operating state government.

Origin of the Results Management System®
Results Management System® was built when Mass Ingenuity recognized that standalone lean events were not sufficient or sustainable without an over-arching management system. Like the foundation of a house, an enterprise-wide or divisional management system is the basis for continuously measuring results, allocating finite resources, driving full transparency, creating healthy accountability, and ensuring that gains are sustained in order to meet citizen needs.

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