Enterprise Performance Management
A Complete Solution for Results-Driven Organizations

Results Software is a SaaS cloud-based solution that drives results through the lens of performance data and actionable insights. Make better and faster decisions based on your data. Better prioritize and manage the work of your remote teams. Our software is designed for everyone.

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Enterprise Performance Management
Strategy to Execution
Eliminate Waste in the Routine Work

  • Break down functional silos
  • Create clear ownership and accountability
  • Connect every employee to outcomes
Effectively Manage the Initiatives

  • Translate strategic plan into initiatives
  • Effectively plan strategic and tactical initiatives
  • Manage/monitor and adjust projects
Dashboards & Business Reviews
Surface Primary Constraints to Goals

  • Implement disciplined business reviews on your operations and strategic plan
  • Conduct data-based assessments of your progress
  • Align on where there is more to be done
Problem Solving
Identify and Eliminate Root Causes of Waste

  • Focus improvement on primary constraints
  • Leverage a common process improvement methodology to enhance collaboration
  • Hold the gains
Change Management - Fundamentals Map, Risk Management Map and Breakthrough Map

What Customers Are Saying

“The Results Management System provided the vehicle to change the culture and the employees stepped up.  The transformation was dramatic.”
“Results Software is an excellent technology match for our management system and its performance management initiatives.”
“This is the most common sense approach I have ever seen to management.”
“Results Software has provided the us with very high visibility into performance results and has made the ease of inputting the data directly much more effective and efficient than our previous methodologies.”
“This tool has improved our process tremendously and there has been an uptick in people engaging in the system. We have received nothing but positive feedback from Measure Owners and Data Stewards. ”
“On behalf of the Performance Excellence Team – Thank you for the time and attention you have given to our team and your continued support as we continue to optimize our system.”
Enterprise Performance Management

Strategy to Execution

MASS INGENUITY IS DEDICATED to enterprise performance management. We optimize your “strategy to execution” journey by delivering visibility to all organizational components through a closed-loop feedback system.

Our SaaS Results Management System™ and Software is a comprehensive, integrated, and outcome-based performance management solution that drives operational and strategic excellence.

Enterprise Performance Management

Proven to transform organizational culture and outcomes, the Results Management System and Software is rooted in these world class disciplines:
  • Lean philosophy and tools
  • Leadership and management
    best practices
  • Organization development
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management
  • Performance measures
  • Fully integrated SaaS solution
    operating on the Microsoft® Azure®
    cloud computing platform

The Results Management System and Software delivers tangible paybacks
The "Strategy to Execution" Journey

EVERY ORGANIZATION is on a “Strategy to Execution” journey. Along their journey, every private sector, health care, and government organization faces significant challenges.
      Specifically, it is never easy to navigate the challenges of ever-changing economic conditions, regulatory complexities, technological changes, and growing customer demands. All of this, while dealing with internal constraints and tensions, such as finite resources, competing priorities, and employee engagement needs.
      How does Mass Ingenuity move your organization through the change, uncertainty, and tensions of “Today” to the brighter future of “Tomorrow?” As our clients know, the answer is the Results Management System and Software, which is a proven game changer. Their strategies and overall performance have been optimized to meet service delivery needs.
      The proof is when your customers immediately see the difference!

Attributes of High Performing Organizations

Strategy to Execution, Operational and Strategic Excellence

Results Software: Data Maturity

From Instinct to Optimized

RESULTS SOFTWARE ENABLES organizations’ data maturity journey from “instinct” to a fully “optimized” state for better and faster decisions and actions.

Most organizations have data. They have lots of data, but more time is spent searching for and collecting data, than is spent on analyzing, interpreting, and acting upon their data. But organizations often find themselves relying on excel and various spreadsheets and as a result never reach a stage of optimizing their data. Executive teams know what happen and when it happen, but often are still trying to understand the why.

Why initiatives are struggling and why margins or operational numbers are off target. Without getting to an optimizing stage of data maturity it is often a struggle to achieve your desired organizational goals. The ultimate goal is to fully integrate and utilize the data to shift the decision-making paradigm from slow to uniformed / reactive to fast / informed to proactive. Decisions that can be made in hours are much more valuable than decisions that take days and weeks.
Data Maturity: From Instinct to Optimized

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