Increase productivity and reduce waste
Improve transparency and employee engagement
Drive accountability and collaboration across teams

Get started today if you Want To:

Improve Outcomes by 25%+

Decrease costs by 35%+

Increase Engagement by 50%+

Before Results Software:

Lots of planning but inconsistent follow-through. Employees are stressed, accountability is limited, and it’s nearly impossible to tie daily operational performance to strategic objectives

After Results Software:

Real-time visibility into strategic objective actuals vs plan, operational KPIs, and new initiative status. Drives alignment and engagement between leadership and operational teams

The software aligns all of this activity in one environment and provides a real-time transparent system for the organization to measure and monitor performance in achievement of goals while mitigating risk.

Kathleen Webb- COO, Office of California State Controller

A few of the Organizations getting amazing Results from working with us:

Our experts will help convert your data into actionable reporting in 2 hours or less. Your team will be sharing meaningful insights with you and you will be able to create amazing results! 

With Results Software You Will:

Clarify KPIs and strategic goals

Track successes

Highlight performance Issues

Create visibility of Enterprise performance

Enable Focus, Clarity and Alignment


Customized Setup

Daily management

Strategy Deployment

Mass Ingenuity has played an important role in leading us through this journey; their expertise in lean and continuous improvement, knowledge of corrections and experienced consulting teams have played a critical role in our success.

-Director Ryan, Arizona Department of Corrections

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