Enterprise Performance Management Made Easy

Results Software: Two Key Engines

Core Application

Command Center

  • Centralize, organize, and prioritize the work
  • Align individuals, teams, and organization
  • Measure the work with key metrics (green, yellow, red)
  • Enhance communication up / down / across

  • Improve line-of-sight and accountability
  • Leverage ”technology” as a tool for employee efficiency and work satisfaction
  • Support flexible work environment
  • Improve employee engagement
Measures List View

30,000-foot view of the measure performance and who is the owner for each measure

Measures Summary

Dashboard view of how much success we are having and how much corrective action is needed

Projects List View

Landing page that gives you and your employees a space to collaborate on process improvement and strategic initiative efforts

Presentation Measure Review

Sample of the reports your teams can produce to provide the details behind the data

Measures Small Chart View

Running chart list of the performance of your measures

Business Intelligence


  • Integrate all data sources
  • Develop interactive and advanced analytics (sort, filter, and drill-down)
  • Cascade and aggregate results
  • Gain deeper insight into trends and patterns
  • Achieve faster high-quality decisions

  • Build data-driven culture
  • Leverage technology as a tool for employee efficiency and work satisfaction
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Achieve execution excellence
Strategic Plan Dashboard

Summary of Strategic Initiative work and if it is producing the desired outcomes

Operations Dashboard

Daily insights on the critical processes that are most important for your operations

Measure Review Dashboard

Learn how divisions are performing on the same set of key performance measures

Measure Drill-down Dashboard

Drill down on variances you are seeing on the output of your processes

Problem Solving Dashboard

Analysis of the root cause(s) of underperforming process of your organizations

“Working with Mass Ingenuity has been one of the most productive consulting partnerships of my career. Working with Mass Ingenuity is contagious.”
- DOROTHY TEETER, Washington HCA Director and Senior Policy Advisor for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Retired)
Actionable Insights

RESULTS SOFTWARE IS YOUR CATALYST to faster and better quality “actionable insights.” Your organization moves to having a data-driven culture at every layer. Time is not wasted hunting for current information so the work can focus on improvements and clearing roadblocks. As silos break down, employees become engaged as they understand their contribution to your strategic goals and have an easy to way to collaborate and communicate on the most important priorities.

Application Connectivity and Technology Stack

“Results Software met all of our requirements. It provides additional tools such as project management and document management. It is a flexible approach to creating and sharing great visual dashboards.”

Value-Added Services

COMPLEMENTING MASS INGENUITY'S Results Software, is a portfolio of Value-Added Services. This portfolio includes a comprehensive and integrated set of organization development tools, methods, and best practices that further accelerate your “strategy to execution” journey.

“We have now proven without a doubt that we are capable of identifying our most critical constraints and initiating data-based action to remove those constraints in a short period of time.”


State-Of-The-Art Platform

Microsoft® Azure® Platform

Built on Microsoft’s premier world class cloud platform.

Cloud Software

No need for an IT project. RESULTS lives in the cloud and is running enterprise wide in days.

Easy On-Boarding

Employees quickly become users through active directory.

NIST Security Certified

RESULTS meets the NIST 800-53 Standards.

SQL Data Warehouse

Leverage the emerging power of portals, analytics, ariticial intelligence, machine learning and process optimization without risking source information.

Fully Mobile

Enter data and check the process improvement project from any device anywhere in the world at anytime.

Power BI Analytics

Deliver meaning and insights through state-of-the-art analytics that help analyze and visualize any data in your performance management system.

Intuitive Functionality

Simple Navigation

Powerful yet super simple and fun to use.


Traffic signal colors communicate performance.

Create Measures Quickly

New measures added in minutes.

Fast Data Input

Measure owners update measures in less than a minute.

Customizable Tools

Easy access to the tools employees need to drive results.

Plain Language Search

Easy to find what you need.

Handy To Do List

Simple tracking of tasks that need to be performed.

Initiate an Email

While working on driving results users can start an email and take immediate action.

The Power to Transform Culture

Equips Leaders to Set Clear Targets
Focuses Everyone on Results
Connects Every Employee
Creates Accountability
Makes Problems Visible
Inspires Continuous Improvement
Enables Process Improvement
Enables Peer Learning
Makes Successes Visible

Technical Specs

Basic Technical Facts

SaaS (software as a service), cloud-based, secure technology.

Fully mobile device enabled.

APIs enable automated data feeds from existing systems.

Permission structure facilitates control of who sees what.

Total Security

RESULTS is regularly penetration tested by security professionals to ensure the integrity of your data is protected from unauthorized access.

All users are validated and managed by their own application administrator ensuring user access is controlled by you.

RESULTS is integrated with your Identity Provider ensuring that you have complete control over the users that are allowed to use MyNowResults.com.

RESULTS supports the most common authentication protocols including OAuth, OpenID, WS- Federation, and WS-Trust.

State-of-the-Art Multi-Tenancy

Data is logically separated by “tenant” to ensure that your data is secure and only accessible to your organization.

If policy requires complete physical separation of data, RESULTS can be hosted for you in a single- tenant mode at an additional cost.

Industry Standard Platform

RESULTS is built on the Microsoft® Azure® cloud infrastructure platform providing a high level of availability, security, and flexibility.

All of the platform components receive security updates as they are available.

Microsoft’s® Azure® SLAs are applied to RESULTS ensuring a high level of uptime.

High Availability

RESULTS is a 24/7 cloud application. The Microsoft® Azure® platform provides 99.9% uptime with minimal periodic maintenance windows.

Large Scalability

The application is monitored and tuned in real time to ensure performance is always optimized for your operations.

Total Data Integrity

Your data is stored in Azure® SQL Database managed storage and is backed up with the ability to restore to any point within the past 14 days.

Azure® SQL Databases are easy to scale up to the performance level that is needed for your application.

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