Your Mission is Our Business

We help government agencies to increase productivity and transparency, improve employee engagement and customer service, and drive accountability and collaboration across teams.

The business of government is complex, and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to improving performance. The most common challenges that we help agencies tackle are:

Employee Engagement

Whether due to high-stress, persistent vacancies, or disconnects between management and staff, low employee engagement is a common problem in government agencies. After adopting the Results solution, employee engagement has been proven to increase by over 50% due to improved transparency, visibility, and accountability throughout the organization. Our customers describe the solution as “transformational” as employees embrace the performance culture.

Customer Service

Every agency faces the challenge of delivering a high level of service for their customers. Typically, delivering service involves a multitude of processes and teams that need to perform at a consistently high level, and when they don’t – the agency hears about it from the press, the citizens, and from within their own government. Mass Ingenuity leverages Lean techniques and our proven methodology to identify root causes of low performance and correct them in a process of continuous improvement.

Operational Excellence

Most government agencies depend on a multitude of processes to deliver on their mission, and those processes need to run efficiently in order to minimize waste and maximize customer satisfaction. After adopting the Results solution, agencies have reduced waste by over 35%. We enable you to leverage your agency’s real-time performance data and our continuous improvement and problem-solving methodologies to dramatically improve target processes.

Organizational Alignment

This is a common problem for government agencies, primarily because the operations are complex and the organizations are large. In this environment, it is not easy for a front-line employee to understand how their actions and decisions impact the agency’s mission and objectives. When agencies adopt Results, every employee, team manager, and leader can clearly see how their jobs are inter-related; and by sharing the same KPIs and operational data, transparency, accountability, and alignment is achieved.

Strategy and Planning

Many government agencies spend too much time in strategic planning, only to see the execution and outcomes fall short. With the Results solution, planning is done with real-time visibility to the health of every strategic initiative, the process is inclusive and efficient, and every employee is clear about both the strategic priorities and their role in achieving desired outcomes.

Problem Solving

Every agency has problems to solve, but the approach they take will determine whether or not the organization’s goals are achieved. Too often, teams are faced with problems that are poorly defined and attempt to solve them with incomplete data, and those problems tend to persist and grow. Mass Ingenuity helps our clients adopt a proven methodology that starts with root cause analysis of the problem, identification of the steps required to solve it, and an action plan complete with owners and KPIs that define success.

Are you ready to improve your agency’s performance?

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