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Frequently Asked Questions

Results Software is described in our marketing materials and website. The following are frequently asked questions from prospects and customers. We have organized them into categories and topics.

Results Software Overview

What is Results Software?

Results Software is a SaaS enterprise application specifically designed for performance management systems. Results Software works with any management system. It runs on the Microsoft® Azure® Cloud Computing Platform and takes full advantage of the cloud computing services, security, and performance provided by the Microsoft Azure Platform. As a cloud-based SaaS application, there is no need to create a new IT project and the applications can be easily onboarded in approximately five business days.



Who Is Mass Ingenuity?

Mass Ingenuity is dedicated to results-driven technologies to drive operational excellence and strategy deployment. Our SaaS-based Results Management System™ is a comprehensive, outcome-based, and integrated performance management solution, which is proven to transform organizational culture and outcomes.



Why Should I Use Results Software?

Results Software completes the “people, process, technology” model for an organization’s management system and associated methodologies. Results Software was designed for performance management systems and works equally well with ongoing operational processes and strategic initiatives. It integrates measures, tools and methods, artifacts, project management, document management, presentations, printing, and advanced visual analytics/business intelligence.



How Often Will It Be Upgraded?

Results software development is managed in an agile environment. A regular cadence of monthly releases is used to deploy new functionality as well as any bug fixes. Results is planned out over a 12-18 month period with a roadmap of new features and functions.Results software development is managed in an agile environment. A regular cadence of monthly releases is used to deploy new functionality as well as any bug fixes. Results is planned out over a 12-18 month period with a roadmap of new features and functions.



Can I Sort Data, i.e., To See Only “Red” Measures?

Yes, Results provides several options for searching and sorting data. These include context sensitive search, data column sorting, and filtering to focus on specific measures and documents.



Can I Group Measures Within Results?

Yes, Results has a flexible and easy to use Group Function. Data can be grouped across the organization and shared with users via an intuitive “social like” sharing function.



Are Projects Supported Within Results?

Yes, Results has a Project Management engine that can easily be applied to strategic initiatives, full lean projects, and problem solving at any level.



What About Document Access?

Results has a Document Management engine that supports uploading documents throughout the application. Tools, job aids, success stories, reference materials, and a host of other documents can be easily organized within Results.



Is The Software Installed Onsite Or Is It In The Cloud?

Results is a SaaS-based (software as a service) and is hosted in the Microsoft® Azure® cloud infrastructure.



Results Software Features

Can I Get Special Reports on Utilization?

Yes, special reports and audits are easily defined and accessed.



Can I Download Data Into Excel?

Yes, data within Results can be downloaded into Excel directly from the application as well as through the Data Warehouse.



Can I Manipulate The Data Into Different Charts, i.e., Pie Charts, etc.?

Yes, you can choose different charts and other visual management schemes. In addition, there is an extensive visual library available by using the embedded Power BI reporting capability.



Results Software Security and Privacy

Is It Secure? How Will I Know My Data Is Safe?

Privacy and security are very important in all government applications. Many of our customers include highly sensitive data such as personal health information (PHI) with their performance data. For that reason, we have chosen to meet the highest levels of security including NIST 800-53 Rev 4, HIPAA, GDPR guidelines, and FedRamp. Plus, by partnering with Microsoft and their Azure Cloud Computing Platform, we are assured of the highest attention to data security and physical security in their US based data centers.



Do Other Organizations Have Access To My Data In The Cloud?

Data is logically separated by “tenant” to ensure your data is secure and only accessible to your organization. If your policy requires complete physical separation of data, Results can be hosted for you in a single-tenant mode at an additional cost.



How Can I Be Assured That Security Will Be Consistent With Other Organization’s Requirements?

When we set out to develop RESULTS, we spent years gathering the requirements, first from customers who have installed and use the RMS (Results Management System) now numbering over 60 organizations. In that process we also made sure we met with CIOs and other technologists who could guide us to the requirements, which led us to use Microsoft® cloud-computing software and its associated industry standards for security.



Results Software Technical

How Is My Data Stored?

Your data is stored in the Azure SQL Database and is backed up with the ability to restore to any point within the past 35 days.



What Is The Onboarding Process Like, Including Set-Up and Training?

The onboarding process is very quick and painless. We work with your IT shop to connect Results to your Active Directory. We will pre-load your performance measures, to the extent they exist, for you. This process typically takes less than two weeks. We have users training that typically lasts one hour and has received great reviews. We like to make training a fun experience. Training for system administrators (typically your lean leader) takes two hours. We deliver this training at your location and can deliver training via webinar as well.



How Do I Ensure Integrity of The Data?

Only assigned owners can change their data. For increased data integrity we suggest connecting directly to your source files that have been exported from various enterprise applications.



What is The Platform That It Is Running On?

Results is running on the Microsoft® Azure® cloud-computing platform.



How Do People Authenticate To Results?

Results uses your Active Directory to authenticate to the server. Permissions (who can see and change things in Results) also is controlled through your Active Directory.



Results Software User Experience

Do I Have To Be At My Desk To See My Data?

No. Since Results is cloud-based, you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection. And since it is web-based, you can access the data via any mobile device. Results Software operates on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.



Do I Have To Use Results To See My Data? Can I Use My Own Analytics Tools?

Your data is exported nightly to a data warehouse. You can use Power BI, which is built into Results, or you can use the power of any number of emerging products including portals, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools to query your data while ensuring the native data is untouched in Results.



How Do I Get Data Into Results?

Getting data into Results is very easy. Data entry can be done manually as well as through connectors to CSV files as well as dedicated system connectors.

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