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Fractional Measures

Learning Objectives

Create and manage fractional measures

Set Up
Often measures often the output of two variables. The need is to display the output of these two variables while retaining the ability to drill down into the separate pieces. Results now allows you to do so. The process of the creation remains the same with a few additional steps. Within the edit measure pathway, you now have the option to define whether the value is Fractional. Once you select yes, you define whether the output should be plotted as a percentage. The final step is to name the numerator and the denominator.

Data Entry/Viewing the Data
Data entry is expanded now to capture both the numerator and denominator value in the edit value screen. When viewing the chart, you will be able to see the name of the numerator and denominator above the chart. You will also be able to drill down into those views by hoovering over the bar.

Converting Current Measures
If you elect to convert a current measure to a fractional value, you will lose the current data as well as any performance path values. All fields defined will remain the same such as target and thresholds. The same holds true for removing the fractional value set up.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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