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Action Plans

Learning Objectives

Understand the Action Plan component of a Measure
- Upload a measure action plan with an implementation date to a measure
- Identify the measure action indicator and its location

It is not uncommon to have areas within your organization that need improvement. Results enables easy tracking of your improvement actions with the option to upload action plans to your measures.

Measure Action Plans can be uploaded into Results by the measure owner, your Results administrator or a Power User if the measure falls under their responsibility.

To upload an action plan, select view chart of the measure. If you have permission to upload an action plan, you will see the option Upload Action Plan. The action plan needs to be one file. File type needs to be a Microsoft office file type or a PDF. Images are not allowed. When you upload an action plan, you also have the option to input an Implementation Date for the action plan. This allows your organization to track if the correction action is generating the expected improvements.

To Remove or Update the Action Plan, use the Replace Action Plan button or Remove Action Plan button. If the implementation date needs updating, the action plan will need to be uploaded again.

Once an action plan is uploaded into Results, an asterisk will appear in the status indicator under List View. To view the action plan, go to the chart view of the measure and select View Plan. The action plan downloads.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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