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  • Understanding My Map

  • Components of a Map

  • Adding Additional Maps

Understanding My Map

Learning Objectives

Everyone in Results has a home map that is defined as My Map. We use the word map as you have the option of defining your measures into Outcome and Process Measures. Outcomes are your lagging indicators for your organization. Process measures are your leading indicators and are focused on measuring your processes/activities.

Results allows you to set up additional maps as your organization grows. While an individual is assigned to a home map, they can view other maps under the All Maps menu item. To set up additional maps, select Admin – Manage Maps. This pathway allows you to set up a map as well as edit any of your maps.

To set up or edit your map measures, select edit on the Admin – Manage Maps page. To learn more about setting up measures, go to our online Milo Bot and search on measures. From there, you can select a training video on measures that will walk you through the set-up process for measures.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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