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  • Inactivating measures

  • Locating inactive measures

  • Understanding the business rules related to inactive measures

Inactive Measures

Learning Objectives

On occasion an organization decides to refresh their scorecard measures, and this may result in measures being inactivated. Results provides you tools to manage your inactive tools.

To flip a measure to inactive, locate the measure under Manage Maps. Select edit measure and go to the active/inactive field under measure details. Select inactive and save. Results will scan the database to identify any groups that this measure belongs to. A list will appear of those group relationships. If you choose to proceed with inactivation, the measure will be removed from the group relationship(s). Only active measures may belong to a group.

Measure inactivation can be performed by the administrator, a power user for that designated map, and the measure owner. Once a measure is inactivated, it can only be reactivated by the administrator or the power user of the designated map.

Inactive measures are noted with a symbol before the measure code.

To search for your entire listing of inactive measures across all maps, use the top-level search and search #inactive. A third tab will appear with the listing of your inactive measures. You can view the measures in list and chart view. You are not allowed to edit the measure from this pathway. No data entry is allowed for inactive measures.

Inactive measures are not eligible to be selected for groups, projects or presentations. If a newly inactivated measures has a prior relationship to a project or a presentation, results will allow you to maintain that connection. The inactive symbol will appear.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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