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As part of its Vision 20/20 initiative, Gerber engaged Mass Ingenuity to facilitate the implementation of a new and enterprise-wide management system. Mass Ingenuity’s Results Management System™ would allow Gerber to harness the full capabilities of the organization and to prepare it for its next growth stage.

The work, involved the President as sponsor, the tier 1 executive leadership team and the tier 2 key managers. Building Gerber’s Results Management System included refinement of the company’s shared vision, mission and values, establishing high-level operating objectives, key goals, and outcome measures that would define success. The team built a Fundamentals Map consisting of operating and supporting core processes that were aligned with applicable cost/quality/time process measures. In addition, Scorecards were created for all outcome and process measures to provide real-time “red/yellow/green” visual performance indicators.

Gerber Legendary Blades

“The evolving market environment, changing competitive landscape, and increasing business complexity are unrelenting consumers of finite organizational resources. Our work with the Mass Ingenuity team, and implementation of the Results Management System, provided a comprehensive framework that struck the right balance between “order and freedom” — disciplined process workflows, metrics that drove action, line of sight accountability for decision-making and problem-solving. It created a positive internal-control environment that allowed us to devote more time and energy on the external-facing challenges and growth initiatives, which exceeded our expectations.”

– Jason Landmark, Executive Sponsor and President –

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Gerber Legendary Blades
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