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  • Cloning a Measure

Cloning Measures

Learning Objectives

As your management system matures, measures often get cascaded down multiple layers of the organization. Results has streamlined the steps of creating multiple copies of the same measure by installing a cloning engine.

Cloning measures is an administrator and power user function. Power users are restricted to cloning measures within their assigned map.

To clone a measure, go to the desired map and location where your new measure will be located. Type in the appropriate measure code, measure name, and click the clone button. Select add. A dialogue box will open. First select the optional fields you want to be included in your cloning. All other fields such as calculation, measure type etc. will automatically be included. Second, open the map menu and expand the menu until you have located the measure that you wish to clone. Select clone. A notification will appear indicating that the cloning function is complete.

Cloning is not available for aggregate measures. If you are cloning measures to build an aggregate measure relationship, be sure to create/clone all your desired measures before joining them in the aggregate relationship.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of these functions.

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