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Transparency is a key factor with the Results Management System. Barriers are broken down and measures are reviewed, discussed, and problem solved in an inclusive environment that fosters participation from all employees. This System prioritizes initiatives and ensures top levels of management will provide resources to employees to accomplish their goals. All levels of the organization have aligned and work toward a shared vision to improve outcomes for Oregon.
“Working with Mass Ingenuity has been one of the most productive consulting partnerships of my career. The outcomes HCA has achieved as a result of its work with Mass Ingenuity’s Results Management System have been sustainable, and this is due in large part to the exceptionally high quality of the Mass Ingenuity consultants our team worked with to build a performance-based culture. I wasn’t sure we could transform the bureaucratic culture to one that needed to be more adaptive, but we did. The Fundamentals Map enabled us to set out agency wide goals, to measure progress and to demonstrate that the operational retooling of the agency to carry out its mission worked. This work also assisted us in being awarded and carrying out a $65 million Healthier Washington Innovation grant from CMMI and supported the successful negotiation of a $1 billion 1115 Medicaid waiver. Working with Mass Ingenuity is contagious.”Dorothy Teeter, Washington Health Care Authority Director


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The Results Management System and Software is a comprehensive, results-driven, integrated system of performance management that reliably transforms organizational culture.

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“For perspective, it is important to remember that The Joint Commission surveys both public and private hospitals all across the country, even in other countries. So when we hear such praise from them, we should realize how well our performance compares to thousands of other facilities. Praise from The Joint Commission is high praise indeed! To me, the best part of this is that the surveyors were so impressed after seeing the hospital as it really is. Because the survey team arrives unannounced, we can only do things the way we normally do; there’s no ‘putting on a show.’ Being ‘survey ready every day’ has become a reality here…”Greg Roberts, Oregon State Hospital Superintendent
PERS today has a deeper understanding of their process and outcome measures, has launched 7 problem Solving groups, the culture is embracing Lean thinking, and Leadership has launched 3 strategic initiatives using the Results Management Breakthrough Methodology.
“The Results Management System was a perfect fit for what TSD needed. After years of disconnection and disengagement, employees were emphatically asking for a new culture where transparency, openness, and the ability for them to directly impact the direction of their organization were ingrained in the DNA of their division. The Results Management System provided the vehicle to change the culture and the employees stepped up. The transformation was dramatic. As a leader, seeing the impact this has had on the division and its employees is nothing short of magical.”Chris Lamb, Director, Technology Solutions Division Washington State Dept. of Social Services
“We have now proven without a doubt that we are capable of identifying our most critical constraints and initiating data‐based action to remove those constraints in a short period of time. Our staff is gaining confidence in using the management system tools and has identified other important improvements they want to tackle. I am thrilled with our progress and measurable results.”Dacia Johnson, Executive Director, OCB
“Our Results Management System, our agency scorecard, and the work by our problem solving team provided us with the necessary framework to create a strong business case for additional resources to expand our services to Oregonians who experience vision loss. This is a total ‘game changer’ for our agency.”Dacia Johnson, Executive Director, OCB
“This is the most engaging and valuable work I have done in my government career. Now we have the credibility to better influence the Legislature’s decisions and they are listening to us. The time we spent building our Management System has been well worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”Fariborz Pakseresht, Former Director of Oregon Youth Authority

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