Dashboards and Data Visualization for Businesses

Performance dashboards and data visualization help organizations more clearly see the big picture in real-time and, therefore, more quickly make better decisions. Seeing the big picture is about seeing the connections between core business operations and overall business performance. In addition, visual learning is the predominant learning style of 70% of the population. Rather than […]

Data Management for Peak Business Performance

Peak performance is the holy grail for any company. How can your company be more efficient, more productive, more effective, and more profitable? The best approach is following this four-step process for reaching peak performance. And the final step is the most important — you ultimately need the perfect management software from among your many […]

Where Do You Fall in the Data Maturity Curve?

The data maturity curve, otherwise referred to as the data maturity modeling, is a business tool measure that can determine just how advanced your data culture is.  An optimal data maturity level is the state where data has been intricately woven into the fabric of your company’s day-to-day functions. At this stage, data is deeply […]

Data Visualization — Why it Matters

Big data is more than just a trend — it’s essential to your company if you need to scale, maximize business potential and stay competitive. However, big data is “too big” for any company to leverage without the right tools.  Data visualization is the best tool for harnessing big data and transforming it into digestible, […]

Power Up Your Strategy 100x Faster!

Results Software is 100 times faster, thanks to the creative genius of our development team. Now you can power up your strategy and manage your initiatives, no matter how much data needs to be crunched. Why is this important? Data is critical to your growth and competitive advantage. We all get that. The problem is […]

Staff and Data Compliance

Not to date myself too terribly, when I first started working after college, our word processing was on a Wang terminal with a green screen. The letters and memos were printed out on a giant dot matrix printer on tri-color carbon paper. The white copy would go to the recipient, the yellow copy into the […]

Graphs, Charts, and Visualizations with Meaning

One of my favorite uses of visualization is Charles Joseph Minard’s map of Napoleon’s disastrous Russian campaign of 1812. In fact, I have a framed version of it hanging just outside of my office. The graphic is notable for its representation in two dimensions of six types of data: the number of Napoleon’s troops; distance; […]

Big Data and How To Manage It

Data is both common and invaluable and within that data lies insights that could impact an organization’s processes and performance. There are seemingly infinite insights a business can pull from their data and numerous reasons to utilize big data analytics software. However, many organizations are overwhelmed by the data they have available to them. They […]

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