How EPM Supports Your ERP

Some people mistake enterprise resource planning (ERP) as being the same as enterprise performance management (EPM). However, both these business tools are distinct and encompass a set of different functions that are equally essential to business organizations. To begin with, enterprise resource planning involves the automation of business processes and the collection of pertinent data …

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The Value of Data-Driven Organizations

The companies that are growing and scaling and reaching their business objectives year after year are the ones that collect, evaluate, and make decisions based on data. There’s still space in the corporate world for experience, intuition, and instinct. And those characteristics can help generate ideas that are validated by data. Data alone is useless …

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Monthly Tracking Isn’t Enough

Ongoing performance data tracking and analysis has evolved into an absolute necessity for all organizations. Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors are leveraging their data to identify actionable insights to better meet customer needs.   However, few organizations recognize the power of frequent data tracking and analysis. …

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