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Results Software enables government agencies to increase productivity, improve transparency, and drive accountability and collaboration. The net effect is satisfied customers, engaged employees, and better government.

Government Clients of Mass Ingenuity Include:

WA Employment Security Department

Oregon health Authority

Arizona Department of Corrections

State of California DMV

With Results Software, you can focus your agency on how to improve your processes to deliver services in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. 

You can build structured process and outcome measures, which place a strong emphasis on customer/citizen needs. 

If your goal is to increase your agency’s overall data maturity as part of creating a “data culture” that focuses on driving improved performance through understanding data and the analysis of related measures across the agency, then Results is for you.

Our data model is based on defining an optimal number of process and outcome measures to ensure the successful completion of strategic initiatives and continuous improvement of the day-to-day operations.

We focus on careful definition of the measures (KPIs), aligning measures to the operational core processes, assigning ownership, and establishing business reviews. This becomes “standard work” for the agency and is readily teachable and scalable.

Our approach to knowledge transfer is quick and efficient, including 45- to 60-minute training for system admins, power users, measure owners, and other agency users. We also provide a train-the-trainer program to ensure the agency can manage its performance system on an ongoing basis.

Our training covers system features/functions, managing data, managing strategic initiatives, managing operational excellence, data analytics, report generation, and use of interactive dashboards.  

Other critical deployment deliverables include an extensive online help system, AI-based software agent, and an online software ticketing system to handle all levels of customer problems and ideas, all of which are included in Results Software.

In addition, we deploy and/or support existing comprehensive Organizational Change Management, which is critical to the adoption, utilization, proficiency, and expansion of your enterprise performance management system and data-driven maturity. 

Mass Ingenuity has over 12 years’ experience designing and deploying data models for Enterprise performance management in government. This includes both strategy deployment
and operational excellence applications.

Public Sector Success Story #1

Operational Excellence Case Study #35: January 2021

Project Timeline: January 2018-December 2020 (2 years)

Scope: 7 divisions and 24 programs delivering health care services to the state’s citizens

Client Results and Impact:

Public Sector Success Story #2

Data Governance and Data Warehouse Organizational Change Management Case Study #34: January 2021

Project Timeline: December 2018-May 2020 (18 months)

Client Results and Impact:

Our client successfully designed and implemented their EDW. Managers and staff successfully and quickly learned the new system and processes.  Stakeholders received more useful reports and visuals, tangibly demonstrating that change adoption and user proficiency was high.  In addition, expenses for data analytics contract services were significantly reduced. 

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