The Power of Enterprise Performance Management in Government

On April 6th we had the privilege of attending a fantastic webinar with Aaron Howard, the Founder and driving force behind Mass Ingenuity. Aaron shared his insights on implementing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in government organizations and how it differs from the private sector.

Government agencies face unique challenges, such as a diverse array of stakeholders, missions that prioritize social and human outcomes, and complex hierarchical structures. Aaron introduced EPM as a powerful framework that aligns strategy and daily operations, helping to allocate resources, make decisions, and boost employee engagement.

The Importance of Data in EPM

“Data is the currency,” Aaron emphasized, noting that centralizing data from various sources is crucial for better decision-making, team alignment, and improved employee and customer experiences. With EPM, government agencies can expect numerous benefits, including:

  • Shared information and understanding among employees
  • Alignment of people and processes for efficient operations
  • Efficient use of resources (people and money)
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved customer experience

Aaron highlighted that an engaged workforce is essential for any organization’s success. Mass Ingenuity’s proprietary EPM solution, Results Management System and Software, focuses on people first, followed by processes and technology. This approach ensures that all employees have access to essential data, connecting leadership goals with the day-to-day actions of frontline staff and fostering better-aligned teams.

EPM as a Cultural Transformation

Aaron shared impressive metrics from some of Mass Ingenuity’s 80+ government clients, showcasing the power of EPM in action:

  • 40-50% improvement in employee engagement
  • ROI at or above 10:1
  • New strategic initiatives 25% more likely to succeed

Examples of EPM success include the Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, which uses data to help disadvantaged young adults gain essential skills, and the Arizona Department of Corrections, which has transformed its prison system by implementing EPM from leadership down to staff.

The Q&A session at the end of the webinar touched on Mass Ingenuity’s proprietary approach to ADA compliance, particularly for visually impaired users. While Aaron didn’t provide a software demo during the webinar, he encouraged interested government agencies and potential clients to schedule a private session to learn more.

Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights into the power of EPM in government organizations and demonstrated how Mass Ingenuity’s Results Software can help drive positive change.

Are you ready to improve your agency’s performance?

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