Fundamentals + Strategy = Results

The Results Management System™ is a fully integrated Enterprise Performance Management System.
No more point solutions!

The Results Management System gives you immediate access to meaningful real-time data that you and your team need to be both efficient and agile
in managing all aspects of your core business operations.

Customer results

Private Sector Success Story #1

Information Services Division: Results Management System™ And Software Case Study #32

Project Timeline: September 2019-September 2020

Specific results achieved through this work include:

“Results Software provides a valuable tool to connect our entire IS leadership team to these measures to improve transparency, ownership, and accountability across our teams. This work has provided a framework to talk about our business in a manner that was not possible previously.” 

– Vice President, ISD Governance and Infrastructure –

Private Sector Success Story #2

Manufacturing Company: Results Management System™ and Software Case Study #36: March 2021

Project Timeline: May 2020-February 2021

Client Results and Impact:

The company was especially effective at cascading its performance measures throughout the operations division. Specific results achieved by their partnership with Mass Ingenuity includes:

“Our decision to work with Mass Ingenuity was a great investment.  Working with their team gave our leadership team the business tools and best practices to take the company to a higher level of performance.  They facilitated us through important conversations we weren’t having on our own, which enabled us to build and implement a strategic plan that quickly changed the course of our business and financial results.  The measures were shared company-wide, allowing us to identify areas of concern and drive improvement. Our return on investment was 7:1 and had a significant impact on the eventual sale of our company. 
The Mass Ingenuity team guided us seamlessly through the implementation process. Our aggressive implementation schedule was no problem for their experts, and they offered creative solutions to avoid costly system upgrades and provided stellar IT support. The Mass Ingenuity team was a true pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any company striving to achieve operational excellence.” 
- Chief Administrative Office (former) -

Public Sector Success Story #1

Operational Excellence Case Study #35: January 2021

Project Timeline: January 2018-December 2020 (2 years)

Scope: 7 divisions and 24 programs delivering health care services to the state’s citizens

Client Results and Impact:

Public Sector Success Story #2

Data Governance and Data Warehouse Organizational Change Management Case Study #34: January 2021

Project Timeline: December 2018-May 2020 (18 months)

Client Results and Impact:

Our client successfully designed and implemented their EDW. Managers and staff successfully and quickly learned the new system and processes.  Stakeholders received more useful reports and visuals, tangibly demonstrating that change adoption and user proficiency was high.  In addition, expenses for data analytics contract services were significantly reduced. 

Enterprise Performance Management Made Easy!
Fundamentals + Strategy = Results!

Mass Ingenuity’s Results Enterprise Performance Management System and Software is proven easy to implement and sustain. Why? Because it is comprehensive, logical, and relevant to business leaders.

Imagine having one system to improve your strategic and operational excellence in 4-6 months–a system that is very cost-effective with demonstrated client ROI.

Our system significantly reduces the noise and the distractions from what really matters for leaders, managers, and frontline employees who touch your customer every day.

What’s Inside the Results Management System: Value-Added Services

By itself, Mass Ingenuity’s Results Enterprise Performance Management application is not only powerful, easy to use, but intuitive as well. However, Mass Ingenuity has truly gone out of its way to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of value-added services that makes its utilization much more efficient and effective in delivering actionable analytics which always drives results.

This portfolio includes a comprehensive and completely integrated set of organization-wide development tools, methods, and best practices. All of which, when combined, can be of great help in allowing you and your team to further accelerate the software’s performance management results on each and every step of your business’s strategy to execution journey.

Fundamentals + Strategy = Results

What Are the “Fundamentals” and Why Do They Matter To You?

Improving your Fundamentals doesn’t need to be uncool!

Simply put, the “Fundamentals” are the daily routine work and core processes of running your business. And they matter because 80-90% of all of your available resources go toward delivering on the Fundamentals for both internal and external customers.

So why wouldn’t you want to reduce the waste in your routine work when it is estimated to be 30-70% of most businesses. Plus, less waste means better customer satisfaction and retention. (We all know keeping current customers costs much less than finding new ones!) So it’s about basic business economics and managing the levers at your disposal! Besides, when you start with the Fundamentals and then you can truly maximize the benefit and ROI on your strategic initiatives. 

What is “Strategy” and Why Does It Matter?

Improving your Fundamentals doesn’t need to be uncool!

While the Fundamentals focus on the daily routine work, Strategy focuses on the future.  A business’ Strategy is all about adding new capabilities.  In the private sector these capabilities are competitive advantages.  In the public sector these capabilities are the means by which citizens’ taxes deliver better services to them.  

Organizations need inspiring and compelling strategies.  Then, most importantly, they need the tools and skills to successfully implement these strategies.   

Plus, you will eventually need to incorporate your new strategic capabilities into the routine work of your Fundamentals! 


Strategy Map and Portfolio Management

A Strategy Map describes a bold and compelling future state for the next 3-5 years which inspires leaders and employees to bring their “A” game. The process of creating your Strategy Map engages your team and creates alignment about priorities and resource allocations. Then we partner with you to create a Portfolio Management Dashboard which enables you and your team to formulate effective initiatives. By the way, when you drive out the waste, excessive costs, and resource distractions from your Fundamentals then you can better execute on your Strategy!

Fundamentals: Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Outcomes

Fundamentals Map

To begin with, there is the Fundamental Map module which can go a long in helping you and your team completely do away with waste in the context of how you carry out your day-to-day business core operations and routine work. On the flip side, there are the Outcome and Process Measures that are essentially leading and lagging indicators of business success.
- Routine work, 80-90% of resources
- Performance measures: leading and lagging
- Customer-facing and back-office processes and process measures, and owners
- Staff sees and understands and relates to genuine customer value
- Proactively manage and mitigate operational risks before disaster occurs

Business Reviews
(Fundamentals and Strategy)

Business Reviews are the cornerstone of the Results Management System. Whether conducted weekly, monthly, or quarterly, business reviews are powered by Results Software to quickly assess the real-time status of your Fundamentals and Strategy.

Business Reviews enable you and your team to effortlessly identify the primary constraints that are preventing you from achieving your organization’s short- and long-term business objectives.

Problem Solving

There is as well the Problem Solving module that will allow you and your staff to identify, and in the long run,
eliminate the root causes of waste in your organization.

Change Management

Everyone knows that all important changes and business transformations (whether they address the Fundamentals or Strategy) require thoughtful employee-focused change management. The primary purpose of change management is to bring leaders, managers, and frontline employees along in the change process. Sustainable transformation and performance improvement requires a robust communication and change management plan to address impacted groups.

We partner with the client’s leadership team and communications resources to build an effective change and communication plan. In addition to having implemented our proprietary NOW Management System® with HCA, our proposed consultants are certified ADKAR Change Management practitioners. The ADKAR model increases the probability of transformation success, achieving business needs, managing employee resistance to change, and building greater change competency in HCA. All Mass Ingenuity consultants are certified in the change management industry standards of the Prosci® ADKAR model, which are:

Research has identified three factors that influence change management effectiveness and Mass Ingenuity ensures these are maximized as a result of this effort:  

What’s Inside Results Software: Command Center and Business Intelligence

Results Software comes complete with two connected engines: Command Center and  Business Intelligence. Both deliver remarkably accelerated enterprise-wide data transparency and marvelous collaboration capabilities for business establishments of practically any size or scope of operations.

Engine #1: Command Center

Results Software’s Command Center is at the heart of this application’s core functionalities. Here, you and your team will always be in a better position to centralize, organize, and even prioritize the way you carry out your day-to-day business functions.

Within the Command Center, you can efficiently align individual team members, different teams, and each and every employee in your organization. With this functionality, you will be able to accurately evaluate all the work done, at any given time, thanks to a grand total of 3 key metrics (green, yellow, and red). 

Also, you and your team will get the golden opportunity to leverage a highly enhanced communication capability, either up, down, or even across the entire organization.

When it comes to the exact organizational impact of integrating Results into your business operations, well, you will certainly be spoilt for choices! In the first place,  this enterprise performance management application will immensely improve line-of-sight and accountability within your organization. It will as well enable you and your team to leverage technology as a viable tool that can greatly boost your staff’s work efficiency and satisfaction. It will also help you put in place the necessary foundation and framework for a more flexible and versatile work environment. 

Engine #2: Business Intelligence

Results’ Business Intelligence feature will allow you and your team to integrate all data sources from your business’s pertinent information and records. You will as well be in a great position to intuitively develop highly interactive and advanced analytics capabilities including sort, filter, and drill-down.

You and your team will also get to efficiently cascade and aggregate your core operations’ results. All the while, gaining deeper insights into trends and patterns. While, at the same time, facilitating a more rapid and intuitive decision-making process. As a result of all this, you and your team will be in an excellent position of building and maintaining a data-driven culture within your organization.

You will also access invaluable insights to significantly improve employee efficiency, satisfaction, and engagement. 

Finally, you and your management will be able to achieve execution excellence in each and every critical business decision you make. Some of the key features of Results’ Dashboard capabilities include the Strategic Plan Dashboard, the Measure Drill-Down Dashboard, the Problem-Solving Dashboard to name just a few.

Actionable Insights

Mass Ingenuity’s Results Software is the missing link to you and your team gaining quicker and highly accurate actionable insights from all the data that is generated during the execution of your core business functions. 

With the Results performance management application, you will be in a good position of shifting your organization towards a completely data-oriented culture throughout each of its different layers.  With Results,  you and your team won’t waste crucial time hunting for up-to-date business information. Instead, your time and effort will be freed to focus more on making strategic improvements to your organization and eliminating roadblocks.

Results Software: State-of-Art Enterprise Performance
Management Platform

First of all, Mass Ingenuity’s Results application has been built on Microsoft’s premier world-class cloud platform; Microsoft® Azure®. With this performance management software,  you won’t be required to set aside the necessary resources, time, and effort as would be the case to implement many other enterprise-level applications. This software has been from the very start designed to live and function seamlessly and completely on the cloud.  

Results also integrates SQL Data Warehouse technology. As such, it leverages the emerging power of web portals, analytics,  AI, machine learning, and process optimization simultaneously, without in any way risking the sources of business information. 

This enterprise performance management software as well leverages Power BI Analytics. In its turn,  this enables it to deliver meaning and actionable insights via state-of-the-art analytics. Through this powerful analytics capability, you and your team will be able to analyze and visualize practically any data stored within your performance management system. 

Results is also NIST Security Certified, and completely meets all NIST 800-53 Standards. It seamlessly supports mobile devices too, allowing you and your team to enter data and access process improvement projects, from wherever you might be situated in the world, simply through your mobile devices  

Lastly, this performance management application is widely acclaimed for its unrivaled user-friendliness. This definitely means all your employees can easily become proficient users through Active Directory.

Results Software: Intuitive Functionality

While it is an undeniably powerful enterprise performance management software, Results is surprisingly simple and fun to use too. You and your team will be able to create new measures within mere minutes. It also delivers a grand total of 3 key metrics (red, yellow, and green) aka traffic signal colors that can identify different performance levels across your organization. 

Results also come complete with a variety of customizable tools. This provides easy and convenient access to the specific tools your staff needs to deliver results. This performance management application leverages a plain language search tool that facilitates remarkable ease of use when users try to find what they require in a markedly convenient and hassle-free way.

Through our client-proven methods, the Results Management System enables Private and Public Sector Clients to:

Increase Operational Excellence By:

  • Explaining your organization’s entire operations and success measures on one page
  • Eliminating waste in your routine core processes
  • Breaking down functional silos
  • Creating clear ownership and accountability
  • Connecting every employee to outcomes

Increase Strategic Excellence By:

  • Translating your strategic plan into well-managed initiatives
  • Connecting your initiatives to daily activities and success measures
  • Seeing clear daily progress and intervening when they are off track

Increase Financial and business Acumen by:

  • Providing visibility to measures each employee can improve
  • Reducing waste and excessive costs
  • Explaining in plain language how businesses succeed teaching critical thinking and root cause problem solving

Increase Employee Engagement With:

  • Implementing outstanding sponsorship and change management plans

So What Are You Waiting For?

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