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As mayor of Baltimore and later as Maryland’s chief executive, Governor Martin O’Malley pioneered data-driven decision-making in government. Through programs like CitiStat in Baltimore and StateStat in Maryland, O’Malley implemented a new approach toward governing: using data to drive policy decisions, set goals, measure performance, and increase government transparency. On March 11, the Center for […]

The weekend before last I attended the University of Oregon vs. Tennessee football game in Eugene. My friend Mark Cleveland, a U of O graduate and now a Tennessee resident, brought out some friends from Tennessee and everyone had a great time.

Bernard and others Nashville

In Nashville, Tennessee recently I had the pleasure of talking about the work we are doing in partnership with the states of Oregon and Washington. Early in the week we met with the Secretary of State Tre Harget, the Chairman of the House Finance Committee Rep


This is a peek into my next book, Rhetoric to Results, How the States are Getting Down to Business and Rediscovering the Promise of America. Next week’s peek: China, No Longer the Sleeping Giant.

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Rhetoric to Results, How the States are Getting Down to Business and Rediscovering the Promise of America chronicles practical, best-practice approaches to leadership and management that are transforming the country, one state at a time.

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In 2009 I made a presentation to a leadership team, something I had done hundreds of times. The vast majority of my prior talks had been to private business.

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(This is part three of a three-part series on Enterprise Risk Management) Much of what drives organizational performance is its culture. A healthy culture –a culture where issues, ideas, and opportunities for improvement are routinely addressed – is an organization where risk is minimized. The reason is simple: if you have a high-engagement environment you […]

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(This is part two of a three-part series on Enterprise Risk Management) Our world is full of stories about things that have gone wrong, terribly wrong. Whether it is the catastrophic failure of the Space Shuttle Challenger’s O-ring, the infamous collapse of Enron, or the scandal pulled off by Bernie Madoff, the tone at the […]

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Organizations exist to get things done. That’s why we craft mission statements, set goals and measure results. These strategic intentions provide meaning and direction for everyone in the organization.