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Meet the Customers
Who are Getting Results

Results Software and the Results Management System are used by over 85 leading government agencies. These include corrections, health care, human services, administration, transportation, motor vehicles, fish and wildlife, regulatory, commerce, and treasury.

One common thread ties all Mass Ingenuity clients together:

A Commitment to Performance

Agencies who utilize Results improve performance across several areas:

  • Employee Engagement – more engaged employees deliver better outcomes for the agency

  • Customer Service – improved processes result in a better customer experience

  • Operational Excellence – apply Lean principles to reduce waste and improve customer service

  • Organizational Alignment – assure that daily operations are tightly tied to strategic objectives across teams

  • Strategy & Planning – inclusive, data-informed strategic planning improves accountability and outcomes

Meet the Agencies that Trust Mass Ingenuity

"The software aligns all of this activity in one environment and provides a real-time transparent system for the organization to measure and monitor performance in achievement of goals while mitigating risk."

Kathleen Webb, Chief Risk Officer, California Department of General Services