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Transforming Lives by Transforming Government: The Role of EPM

Having worked with over 85 agencies over the past 15 years, Mass Ingenuity understands the challenges and opportunities facing state government agencies. This session will explore the ingredients - including leadership, culture, technology, and approach - that have proven critical among agencies who have successfully transformed their performance in pursuit of their mission.  

Our speakers, Aaron Howard (Mass Ingenuity Co-Founder & President) and Kelly Ferguson (Mass Ingenuity Co-Founder & CMO Government Relations), each have spent over 15 years helping government agencies adopt performance management solutions.   During this session they will delve into topics including:          

  • Challenges that leaders face in delivering on their agency’s mission           

  • How the framework of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) enables agencies to overcome these challenges and deliver on the agency’s mission           

  • The importance of agency culture and change management to sustainably improving performance           

  • Real examples of agencies who have transformed their performance through EPM

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