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To Help You Get Results

Webinars and Videos

Improving Government Performance, with Scott Harra

A Conversation with Scott Harra, former Director of Oregon State Dept. of General Services

Results Happen Together

Mass Ingenuity’s Aaron Howard and Kathleen Webb from the California Department of General Services present at the Washington Lean Transformation Conference

Improving Government Performance: with Max Williams, former Director of Oregon DOC

Learn from a critical conversation with Max Williams, former Director of Oregon State DOC, aimed at transforming lives through effective governance.

EPM and Problem-Solving Podcast

Governments today are focused on the fundamentals and understand that their constituents are looking for results. Now is the time to align actions to the mission and begin looking at performance metrics that elevate the organization.

Enterprise Performance Management for Mission Driven Government

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a powerful framework for aligning and driving greater strategic and operational performance, employee innovation, and customer results in government.

A Roadmap for Government Enterprise Performance Management

Mass Ingenuity’s Results Software and Management System is a complete EPM solution for government agencies. Aaron Howard, Mass Ingenuity's co-founder, outlines the roadmap to improved performance.

Enterprise Performance Management: State Government's Transformation

Listen to government leaders discuss how enterprise performance management (EPM) integrates people, process, and technology to deliver improved performance in their agencies.

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