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Kelly Ferguson

Chief Marketing Officer, Government Relations & Founder

Kelly has 28 years as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing leader, OD manager for a Fortune 1000 company, senior OD consultant, and process improvement facilitator. She has over 15 years in relationship-based sales, successfully closing and implementing large-scale projects at Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Nordstrom, StanCorp Financial Group, Coinstar and REI.

Kelly is responsible for company-wide marketing strategy, as well as channel development and support. She is committed to supporting clients improve business results, employee engagement and ultimately a high-quality customer experience. As a leader, Kelly is recognized for her drive to grow companies from start-ups to large enterprises by focusing on top-line growth, the introduction of innovative products and services while developing diverse relationships. She consistently makes the customer experience and results the highest priority.

Kelly has a BA from the University of Washington in Liberal Studies and a MS in Organization Development from Central Washington University.

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