Chamber of Commerce Professionals: Managing Critical Data With Results Software Dashboards

Finally, a Chamber Dashboard…

Chamber Pros, I have a question for you… Are you running a Data Driven Chamber?
If so, how are you tracking your numbers and reporting them to your board? How is your team tracking and reporting their numbers to the CEO?
It’s not easy, is it?
There is simply too much data in too many different places for it to be useful in making smart business decisions. And it is so time consuming translating raw data into useful reports and actionable insights.
This has been a huge challenge for chambers that want to be data driven.
Well, finally, there is a visual Dashboard for data driven chambers and it solves so many problems for you.
– It creates pleasing to the eye visual reports for surfacing and understand trends. These are great for the board and staff.
– It’s quick and easy for your team to use. They update their own numbers so you can track projects and deliverables to make sure goals are met.
– You can see your chamber’s numbers on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. No more guessing on your key metrics.
– It’s customizable. Track and get reports on what’s important to you and your chamber.
You really need to check this new tool out so you are invited to join me for a special Facebook LIVE as I interview the CEO of the company offering this to Chambers.

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