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Operational Excellence Case Study #35, January 2021

Project Timeline: January 2018-December 2020 (2 Years)

Scope: 7 divisions and 24 programs delivering health care services to the state’s citizens.

Situation: A 4,000-FTE health care organization was facing numerous significant challenges, including:

  • Turnover of four executive directors in four years
  • Fallout from a failed Affordable Care Act implementation put the future of Medicaid at risk
  • 2017 audit found widespread problems in the agency’s Medicaid payment system

Pain: Due to these significant issues, the agency was under tremendous pressure from citizens, media, and state government leaders to quickly improve operations, processes, and outcomes. Having successfully worked with our company prior, the new director and deputy immediately engaged Mass Ingenuity to support their vision.

Client Capabilities Needed

Mass Ingenuity Provided Client with Operational
Excellence Solutions and Deliverable

Results Software

Agency needed a tool to provide transparency on their key performance outcome and process measures across all levels of the organization. The organization has employees across the state, but primarily located in four locations. Results Software was adopted and now supports their key operational measures, legislature managed metrics and will be the primary tool to house related strategic plan metrics.

Client Results and Impact

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