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A Roadmap for Government Enterprise Performance Management

Mass Ingenuity’s enterprise performance management system includes: 

  • Strategic plan and initiative performance measures
  • Operational fundamentals map and performance measures
  • Results Software an easy to implement cloud-based SaaS application (including custom performance measure dashboards, visual analytics, and reports)
  • Business reviews and change management best practices

Enterprise performance management (EPM) is a powerful framework which genuinely integrates people, strategy, operations, process, and technology. We discuss the role of performance measures and data visualization, aspirations for best in class state government, and much more.

Results Software: Dashboards make it easy to see patterns and trends in your data

Dashboards make it easy to see patterns and trends in your data. Learn what makes a powerful dashboard and how your organization can use them to drive results. Results Software and the use of Power BI dashboards will accelerate your strategic success. Start achieving results today with data driven insights!

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