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Enterprise Performance Management: Fundamentals for Operational Excellence

Have you been thinking about how you can improve your agency's performance? Let us introduce you to a proven framework - the Fundamentals Map™ - that has helped over 85 state agencies improve their operations. Agencies use a Fundamentals Map to identify core agency processes, align their teams, and measure performance so that they can make improvements. Join us for this webinar to learn how you can get started.

In this webinar, Aaron Howard and Kelly Ferguson, co-founders of Mass Ingenuity, will delve into topics including:

  • Fundamentals Map basics (key goals, core processes, and process measure development) 

  • Example Fundamentals Maps from agencies in human services, public health, and corrections

  • Using Fundamentals Maps to enhance strategic planning

  • Real agency examples of dramatically reduced budgets and 8X quicker response times

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