Results Software

Enterprise Performance Management:
Performance Measures for Operational and Strategic Excellence

Results Software is an enterprise performance management application for managing, tracking, reporting, and analyzing operational and strategic initiatives and key performance indicators (KPIs, outcome measures, performance measures, and objectives). It is an enterprise performance management hub for bringing data and projects together.

Enterprise MSRP

$1,200 per user per year

Year 1 Maintenance

20% of MSRP


Admin Training
$1,500 per session
(up to 10 participants)

User Training
$2,500 per session
(up to 25 participants)

Results Software is used for tracking all key goals, operational core processes, and strategic initiatives (aka projects).  Clients’ customized key performance indicators include targets, red/yellow/green thresholds, and health measures.  Results Software consists of two key “engines.” The command center manages data, data source connections, security, and a host of other SaaS functionality. The business intelligence center provides flexible and extensive dashboards, reporting, analytics, and change management storyboards.

Results Software includes an applications programming interface (API) that connects to data and project sources to provide 24/7, real-time data flow.  Results Software is a cloud-based SaaS application built on the Microsoft® Azure® platform and meets the highest standards for security required by government. It is built on a robust, secure, and extensible data architecture. The platform includes a dedicated data warehouse with secure access by the customer.  Results Software users include executive teams, strategic initiative sponsors and team members, managers, frontline employees, process improvement teams, business review participants, and external stakeholders. 

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