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For agency leaders, public employees, citizens, and taxpayers – improving services to needy populations is a goal that has massive individual, community, social, and financial benefits. When we improve how human services and healthcare works, we transform lives.

Helping Human Services and Healthcare Leaders Transform Lives

Performance Management for Human Services and Healthcare

Agencies choose the Results Software and Management System because it is proven to improve performance in the following ways:

  • Leadership is better able to manage complex operations 

  • Dramatic improvements in employee engagement and retention

  • Better program outcomes for needy populations

  • Improved customer satisfaction through rapid service delivery

  • Cost savings through rapid process modernization

We Always Start with a Free Assessment

We start with a free assessment to identify your organization's primary challenges. Then we:

  • Scope the solution based on your top priorities and desired outcomes

  • Engage – our methodology minimizes your busy team’s time while engaging them in the process

  • Document key goals, processes, and measures

  • Institutionalize your management system to create a sustainable performance culture

Give us one quick conversation to show you how.

Human Services and Healthcare Testimonials

This helped the agency to provide a single source of truth for data products, including reporting, analytics, and visualizations. Other benefits included improved quality of data for legislative reporting and policy design, modernization of data capabilities, and increased consistency, accuracy, and timeliness of data.

State Healthcare Executive

After years of disconnection and disengagement, employees were emphatically asking for a new culture where transparency, openness, and the ability for them to directly impact the direction of their organization were ingrained in the DNA of their division. Results provided the vehicle to change the culture and the employees stepped up. The transformation was dramatic.

Director, Human Services

I wasn’t sure we could transform the bureaucratic culture to one that needed to be more adaptive, but we did. The Fundamentals Map enabled us to set out agency-wide goals, to measure progress and to demonstrate that the operational retooling of the agency to carry out its mission worked.

Director, State Healthcare Authority 

Documented Human Services and Healthcare Results


increase in funding from legislature based on documented process improvements


above goal for equity in hiring & promotions


reduction in time to resolve authorizations

Oregon Health Authority Case Study

OHA was under intense pressure from citizens, media, and state legislators due to poor performance stemming from inconsistent management practices and process deficiencies.

OHA turned to Mass Ingenuity and Results Software to measure performance, identify root causes, and track progress. Improvements were achieved in 90 days.

Are you ready to join your peers and improve your department's performance?
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