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How Results Works with Tableau and Power BI

There’s gigabytes of data in your stack and attempting to organize and tie it all together can be quite a daunting task. By implementing Results EPM Software, you’ll be able to bring people, processes and technology together in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Results is the Enterprise Management Solution (EPM) that lets you easily connect Tableau, Power BI, your ERP and other business management software to your Executives and Managers. The Results EPM takes data from these various sources and conjoins them for an integrated business view.

Deeper insight into your operations

Results provides visibility to your leadership team with one software tool that can be used by executive leaders and senior management to make decisions with real time data. The result is  deeper insight into your operations, which leads to better decision making throughout your organization.

Visibility can be quite hard to attain when working with so many different SaaS systems. Combined, Tableau and Power BI are powerful analytical tools. However, there are still challenges to overcome in terms of visualizing data in an easily digestible way for your organization.

Customized reports at your fingertips

With Results, your entire organization can have instant access and customized reports at your fingertips. You have the analytical power of Tableau and Power BI customized for your decision makers in real time.

Seamlessly Visualize Data

Results EPM software allows you to seamlessly visualize data in a way that not only provides visibility into the people, processes and technology that drive your organization, but also facilitates collaboration between teams in fluid ways that do not disrupt their workflows.

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