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The Results Software™ and Management System™ is the leading enterprise performance management solution for government. We enable agencies to improve employee engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and gain operational efficiencies. 

Transforming Government Performance

Transforming Lives by Transforming Government

By streamlining processes and promoting transparency and accountability, we ensure citizens benefit from essential services and empower public employees to fulfill their mission.

By utilizing the Mass Ingenuity system to streamline processes, Oregon residents received health benefits 8X faster which in some cases literally saved lives.

State Health Authority

Results provided the vehicle to change the culture and the employees stepped up. The transformation was dramatic.

Director, Department of Human Services

It has helped us develop more engaged employees, discussing agency priorities, while encouraging growth and improvement over time.

Deputy Director, Department of Corrections

What is Results?

Establish the ”Fundamentals” of your agency

Every agency has strategic objectives and processes, projects, and initiatives that support them. We help you clearly document these, and together we establish KPIs that define performance. Your resulting Fundamantals Map is your enterprise roadmap for all employees to embrace.

Gather data that drives your agency 

Agencies are complex with multiple sources of data that help measure performance. Our APIs pull all your data sources into the central data “hub”, and our proprietary EPM architecture gives your entire team a complete, real-time view of every goal, process, and project.

Make data-driven decisions

With access to complete and accurate data, you can make better decisions. Easy-to-use visual analytics provide insights that inform all of your business reviews, planning, and problem-solving sessions. The resulting data-informed culture promotes transparency and employee engagement while delivering better outcomes to all agency constituents.

Meet the Agencies that Trust Mass Ingenuity

"The software aligns all of this activity in one environment and provides a real-time transparent system for the organization to measure and monitor performance in achievement of goals while mitigating risk."

Kathleen Webb, Chief Risk Officer, California Department of General Services

Real Performance Improvements

Documented stats from agency clients


Reduction in costs


Improvement in outcomes of strategic initiatives


ROI — cost savings versus cost of solution


Increase in employee engagement

Get Ready to Improve Your Agency's Performance with Results

Who Needs Results

At Mass Ingenuity we take pride in meeting customers where they are at. If your agency is more in a state of chaos than a fine-tuned machine, we want to talk with you. If you are already on the performance management journey yet need a more powerful platform, we are here for you.

Agency Leadership

Whether monitoring progress with your leadership team, identifying opportunities to be more efficient, or engaging employees in collaborative problem-solving, better outcomes are achieved with data. Transform your agency into a data-informed culture with Results.

Transformation Office 

We work with transformation and process improvement teams all over the U.S. Leveraging Lean principles, the Results methodology and software has been proven to drive efficiencies, improved outcomes, and overall agency performance. By integrating all agency data across processes and projects, inefficiencies can be quickly identified and fixed.

Managers and Employees

When an agency’s over-arching goals are tied clearly to the processes and projects that support them, every team member understands how their contributions impact the mission. The Results solution provides this clarity, and the performance dashboards enable visibility, transparency, and accountability that transforms the culture and boosts employee engagement.

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