Enterprise Performance Management: State Government's Transformation Journey


Enterprise performance management (EPM) is a powerful framework which genuinely integrates people, strategy, operations, process, and technology. We discuss the role of performance measures and data visualization, aspirations for best in class state government, and much more.



Guest Speakers

Kathleen Webb

Chief Operating Officer, California Office of State Controller

(former Chief Deputy Director, California Dept. of Motor Vehicles and Director of Performance Improvement, California Government Operations)

Kris Kautz

Deputy Director, Oregon Health Authority

Deputy Director, Oregon Health Authority (former Deputy Director,
Oregon Dept. of Revenue and Dept. of Administrative Services)

Who Should Attend

Executives and senior managers (public and private sector), middle managers, organization development
professionals, change management practitioners, and process improvement consultants.


Scott Harra is an economist with 30 years of executive state government experience. Scott served as director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services and the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, where he implemented enterprise performance management in both agencies.

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