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Available Q1, 2024

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Arizona Department of Corrections Case Study

ADCRR was directed by the Governor’s office to transform its operations to run more like a business, with a focus on efficiency and accountability.

ADCRR adopted Results Software to measure performance, identify root causes, and track progress. Over 50% of strategic initiatives saw improvement within 90 days.

Corrections Testimonials

I have never seen Agency leadership this visible and engaged with staff - it's clearly not business as usual.

Corrections Director

We are having conversations about our business and interrelationships between divisions that I never thought possible.

Corrections Leader

I have staff tell me how they have had a role in fixing a procedure that was broken. It has helped us develop more engaged employees, discuss agency priorities, while encouraging growth and improvement over time.

Prison Warden

Are you ready to join your peers and improve your department's performance?
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