📽 Arizona Corrections: A Correctional Officer’s Experience

In Client Video by tdexter

I'm CO Teresa I work here in Florence at East Unit and I work in the Sally Port. They chose me to do this AMS which nobody knows what AMS is, OK Let's go! We did six weeks of the AMS training I was just kind of soaking up information, I guess, and I wasn't a measure owner. This is a Huddle Board, we have our Measures, we have the Mission Control, quality and speed, and we pick measures on the unit where we have problems and we can fix the problem, each person will get to own a measure. Our facilitator wasn't here so they were like Resa you gotta be the facilitator today. All right! She also is a measure owner, but I have to tell you this the huddle boards, the're not hard. It's everything that's on the board, you just have to read the numbers and that's what it is. We don't try to fix everything, this is what's going on and here it is, this is my measure and these are my numbers.