Mass Ingenuity…. Optimizing Lean with the

  • Embed Lean throughout your organization
  • Focus on the right work
  • Develop transparent measures
  • Maximize waste reduction
  • Engage and involve all employees

Lean and the NOW Management System

Mass Ingenuity’s NOW Management System is an integrated system for managing a complex enterprise by utilizing Lean and the associated management methodologies and philosophies of Toyota’s Shigeo Shingo and Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The NOW Management System optimizes the enterprise’s Lean work by providing the necessary leadership and management framework.

By design the NOW Management System uses language familiar to American workers. For example, the Japanese term “Hoshin Kanri” is the principle that management needs to focus and connect everyone in an organization to its goals and to boldly delegate authority and action to the lowest possible level in the organization. The NOW Management System is coupled with Daily Management/Daily Kaizen in order to drive process improvement to every employee maximizing improvements at all levels.

Optimizing Lean