Implementing the NOW Management System®

For employees to be able to leverage the many NOW Moment℠s they encounter in every day work life, management must provide everything employees need to effectively and efficiently act on the opportunities. The NOW Management System® is a collection of processes and tools that management must engineer to connect every employee to their part of the company’s routine work and initiatives.

Executing in the NOW means building a system of management where “every employee can act on every opportunity every time” – to improve customer experience, grow revenue and reduce costs.

The NOW Management System® prioritizes, connects, enables, and drives the execution of all work in an organization ensuring that every resource is focused on mutual goals and that every employee at every level has the maximum authority to act. NOW is an integrated framework that removes waste from all routine work, prioritizes and manages successful completion of breakthrough initiatives, and drives a culture of action at the levels where knowledge is deep and direct.

How does it work?

Managing Business Fundamentals

The routine work of every business consumes the vast majority of resources – typically 90 to 95 percent. Waste (activities that add no customer value to the product or service) commonly abounds in these routine processes with the typical manufacturing business seeing 25 percent, service companies 40 percent and governmental agencies suffering from as much as 50 percent waste.

The way routine work is executed is the result of years of momentum–in contrast to a conscious and purposeful design. Removing the waste is problematic because no one “owns” the process, and it gets more challenging because the effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness of the process is not measured and thus is unknown.

Using a set of proprietary methods and tools, Mass Ingenuity® consultants facilitate creation of the organization’s NOW Fundamentals Map. It is the first step in the process to move the ownership of the routine work to the people who do that work. It is also the foundation for connecting every individual directly to what the business leadership wants to accomplish through a set of interconnected scorecards. This context establishes the order essential to enabling the freedom needed for true fear-free accountability. The foundation of YESability℠ is in place.

This tool and associated set of management processes quickly drive waste out of the organization with material across-the-board gains achieved over the initial 12-24 months. In fact, the ROI is proven to be very high.  This reduces the amount of resources needed to work “in” the business while achieving better results.

Building the Capability to Deliver on Breakthrough Initiatives

Once the Fundamentals are in motion, the focus shifts to identifying the Breakthrough Initiatives the organization needs to successfully achieve its goals.  For most businesses, the success rate of its annual initiatives is less than 35 percent, but in the NOW Management System® that rate improves to over 80 percent.

Through a proprietary strategic planning process and tool set, two types of breakthroughs are identified and prioritized: performance breakthroughs and capability breakthroughs. The three-year plan is laid out on a NOW Breakthrough Map, a single-page strategic plan. Breakthrough Plans are developed for each initiative and workplans flesh out the details. Through a closed-loop monitoring system plans are routinely adjusted to meet the reality of changing circumstances and implementation realities.

As objectives are delivered, an opportunities portfolio management process lines up the next initiative based on resources available. Planning then becomes increasingly responsive to emerging opportunities as the initiatives in queue can be readily re-prioritzed in real time.

Engaging Everyone in Improving the Business

The NOW Fundamentals Map and the NOW Breakthrough Map are used to connect both routine work and initiatives to every individual employee as appropriate. But the key to engaging people in addressing the challenges within the realm of their own accountability is problem solving. NOW 7-Step Problem Solving creates a common language and toolset across to the business to drive collaborative improvement.

Disciplined Business Reviews

Closing the loop on Fundamentals and Breakthroughs is key to establishing the discipline for great execution. Cascading NOW Quarterly Targets Reviews check execution at all levels from the front lines to the top of the organization. Complete transparency speeds the actions needed to fix problems, redirect initiatives and knock down the biggest obstacles to success.

Ownership. Visibility. Action.

Ultimately, the NOW system establishes clear ownership with every manager and employee being able to directly connect the work they do to the organization’s key goals.

With the direction and accountability completely clear, with tools and knowledge to act where the opportunities are, the NOW Moment℠ becomes the NOW win as every opportunity can be acted upon by every employee every time.