The Three Leadership Actions that Transform Teams, Organizations, and Families

Guest post by Sonia Di Maulo

Transformation is exciting. It’s the moment we embrace change – take the leap towards something new. Transformation is also terrifying. What lies in the unknown? What will life be like?

On which side of the coin do you lie?
What about your employees, team, or family members?

Brave Apple, the main character in my new book, The Apple in the Orchard: A story about finding the courage to emerge was ready for a transformation. The idea of staying in the present environment was not an option – change was inevitable and necessary. She was terrified but ready, for whatever lay ahead. As Ken Blanchard urges, “Take the leap and grow.”

Taking that leap guarantees growth.
It’s all about readiness, perspective, and focus.

Action Number 1: Don’t look back – make mistakes

In organizations it is necessary to look back but only as a predictor of the future. When the decision is made to try something new and innovate, don’t look back at what might have been or at the mistakes you’ll make. The future is yours – it’s time to leave a legacy. When mistakes happen, and you give yourself and your team the space to make them (and learn from them), this is when innovation flourishes.

Key Lesson: Create a culture where your team, organization, and family members are allowed, encouraged, and celebrated for making mistakes. Our future needs new ways of thinking and a living-systems model as described in my book, offers an opportunity for sustainability, collaboration, and growth.

Action Number 2: Enjoy the learning journey

With stress around us, our long To Do lists, and growing demands for our time, we tend to forget that it’s fun and necessary to keep learning. Learning enables growth. Making time in our calendars to learn individually, one-on-one, as a team, or as a family helps us to stop, observe, and enjoy being in the present. And in the process, it helps us see the future with clarity.

Key Lesson: What conversation can you start today to learn about a co-worker, a leader, or a family member? Connecting with another helps you to learn more about yourself and may help you see the person behind the title – we are all connected, it’s fun to learn how.

Action Number 3: Aim to leave a legacy

Brave Apple had not set out to leave a legacy she followed her heart. In the process she learned about herself and the world around her, and she emerged a leader as she “sent her own signal through the orchard”, something that was thought to be impossible.

Key Lesson: While leaving a legacy may not be your top priority, it may be what you leave behind, when you act with courage, honesty, and deep connection with the world and people around you.

As you look towards the future, make lots of mistakes, enjoy the learning journey, and aim to leave a legacy – you will begin a movement… a transformation that creates momentum and excitement.

Be the model.

Ask the question: What are you ready for?

Sonia Di Maulo M.A. ― founder, author, feedback enthusiast, speaker, performance improvement professional and creator of award-winning programs ― is passionate about helping leaders cultivate trust and collaboration.

This post is part of the Virtual Blog Book Tour for Sonia’s book, The Apple in the Orchard: A story about finding the courage to emerge. Discover the new vision for the world of work and get a glimpse into the power of living systems as models for sustainability, collaboration, and growth. Purchase your copy at Visit the other stops on the Book Tour on her Harvest Performance Blog.

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